Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am age of 60,can I learn computer still??

Yes ,You can learn computer ,we are here to help you ,No matter what is your age.

I don’t know English ,Still can think of learning Computer ?

Yes, Still you can .

Can I get class at my time ?

Yes ,We work for you ,so definitely.

Do I have to learn all computer Basic Course?

No, As per your requirement.

How would I know ,what is important for me in Basic Course ?

Our team will assist you in choosing your course.

Can I have internet course only ?

Yes,you can have.

I have a job , can’t Come daily ?

No worries,will arrange time as per your availability.

I don’t want to learn all things ,just want to know basics?

We tailored our course,so no worries.

How parents will come to know about student progress?

We always up-date our parents about student studies.