About Profile

I, Neelam Samnani, have been a Computer Professional since over two and a half decade. Having pursued “Advance Diploma in Programming” from the prestigious “C-DAC”, I have had the privilege of undergoing the following courses:

  • PG Diploma in Computer Programming & Management
  • PG Diploma in Computer Application (With Programming)
  • Diploma in Web-Designing from Singapore Poly-technique University

Above courses have helped me garner in-depth acumen in the domain of Computer Science. With my extreme desire of‘giving it back to society’, I have actively been engaged in the field of ‘Compute Education” since the year 2000.

In the process, I have had the opportunity of working with varied groups –both in terms of age and skill levels. Thus offering the learning tools with versatility.

Have efficiently been engaged with young students, housewives, senior citizens and corporate clientele with proficiency in the following key skill sets:

  • Excellent programming skills and knowledge of computer science
  • Experience of teaching computer science to students of all age
  • Strong technical knowledge and ability to troubleshoot complex problems
  • Maintaining professional teaching environment
  • Teaching computer fundamentals and programming language to students
  • Teaching computer programs, algorithms, and computer languages to students
  • Creating projects to students and development of professional skills in them
  • Worked with students struggling in understanding concepts of computer programming

In addition to the above, my experience with the Corporate World such as IBM, Winteh, Karox etc. has also beeninstrumental in providing the skill development as required for working in Corporate Companies – thus understanding enhancing the scope of professional engagement and placement.

I align with my Vision Statement, “Computer Literacy For One & All” and all my acts are directed and committed towards this accomplishment of this objective which I envisage will be instrumental in making me achieve my goal and help me contributing my bit for the society.

About Brain Stormers Academy

Our Mission

Computer Literacy for one and all – is our mission at Brainstormers’ Academy. We strive to make youngsters and elderly senior citizens computer enabled by imparting ‘Computer Education’ at the most affordable cost. By doing so, we envisage to illuminate the inner strength and confidence of each individual.

In the process, we stand committed towards our contribution in the making of “Digital India” and lay foundation for a brighter Digitally Enabled Nation.

Our Vision

Brainstormers’ Academy- while working on its mission on “Computer Literacy for One and All” is visionary towards imparting ‘Computer Education’ to individuals who intend to excel in the field of Computer Science and make a mark in their respective domains.

We intend to impart exclusive support to the underprivileged and challenged- bringing social digital balance.

As the way forward, we want to provide basic education and computer information to each and every child. We shall stand committed towards imparting education to our children- the building blocks of our future generation.

Why we are here

Computer is not like other subjects where learning concepts from book is enough. Learning computer concepts require problem solving techniques and lot of pratical exposure. We are Brainstomers’ specialize in practical computer training.

We train people of all age group , right from young school going kids to pillars of our society i.e our elders/senior citizens. Courses are designed keeping needs of specific age group in mind.

Hey!! We are here

Most of students come to us with intent of scoring well in their computer exam. However, through their learning/training journey they develop interest in computers and finally pursue computer subjects in their higher studies.

Elder/Senior Citizens love us as we understand their special needs. They are totally alien to computer words and concepts have to be taught to them very differently. We teach them how to be master in new technologies and lead life in digital era.

Why you sholud be here

  • Individual Attention
  • Limited Students in batch
  • Frequent 1x1 interaction with faculty and no limit on time for clarification of doubts
  • Special session for weak student to bring them upto speed
  • Flexibility & Skill Enrichment
  • Multiple batches throughout day and week.
  • Batch allocation as per student's convenience
  • Inculcating 'Thinking and Problem Solving skills'

Goals and objectives of Brain Stormers Academy

  • We are into the stream of Computer Education since 2000.
  • Our Motto is to encourage children who are ambitious to pursue their skills in Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • We develop self-confidence and blend it with the core subject knowledge – thus grooming the young brain in IT domain par excellence.
  • Learning is made Fun – with interactive sessions providing machine and subject matter interface. Thus reinforcing confidence at each level.
  • Our objective is to help those children who have the zeal to accomplish the best and the inner urge to set fire in their domain, irrespective of their personal background.
  • Our institute is not only for those who are sitting in the front row and on front bench, but strongly for them those who are at last bench.
  • We believe all students have caliber & are potential to achieve their goals or dreams. We are the catalysts to convert their dream into reality.

Our Team

Ashish Sir
Economics and Com
Ashish Sir
Physics and Mathematics